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I am originally from Redoubt location, Bizana in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. I am a child of God and blessed with two children, Anuoluwapo and Asanda Ogunleye. I did my PhD in Biocatalysis at the University of the Witwatersrand, Masters in Organic Chemistry, BSc hons and BSc in Chemistry at the University of Cape Town. 

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This book was written during a globally torrid time, where uncertainty and confusion reigned, where death entered the homes of friends and family, church doors closed and millions of people lost their jobs.

As a Christian and scientist I found myself fighting this Covid-19 pandemic on multiple fronts. The unbelieving world looked to science to save them and when this looked a futile hope some turned to God, only to find the church doors closed, others turned to vices and became shadows of themselves, while for others the burden was too much and death was the only means of escape.

I grappled alongside scientists in a frenzy to find curative measures to curb the virus, our jobs made all the more difficult by a lack of knowledge and a pedalling of fear in the media. As the days, weeks and months passed without success, disappointment tried to set in and but for the fact that I kept reminding myself of my ties to God, I could easily have been discouraged and defeated.

I have been wanting to write an inspirational type of book that would serve as a tool of enlightenment, empowerment and encouragement. What better time to write such a book then when standing in the dark, powerless and discouraged?  

The truth be told, that thought did not cross my mind when I pulled the first stroke of pen across paper but in hindsight I now realize how cathartic the experience has been and is for myself. I realise now more than ever how powerful it is to be able to draw on the wisdom of others and I see clearly how prophetic the stories are of other people's lives the seed of success in a person are the seeds of success in the lives of those encouraged by that first triumph.

So while the world was falling apart I put on my white lab coat and took up my position next to all the other scientists the world over fighting the same battle. After being in the trenches for the day I met with my church family in their homes or mine and we found that God was there and did not need the church building to spend time with us. And at night when I lay on my bed God was there to say good night. 


The book is a series of a hundred powerful quotations, nuggets of gold, spoken or written by some of the greatest and most powerful persons to have graced this earth of ours. These nuggets are then followed by a relevant anecdote, pearl, most of which are based upon my own personal experience. Some however are derived from observation or from the teachings of mentors.
To know what to do can be a blessing, so my hope for this book is that there will be truth, instruction and life in its pages. Considering knowledge as a kind of semantic tree, it is important to have a solid grasp of trunk and branches, the framework, before considering twigs and leaves and the super specialities on them. I pray that this book would be the trunk and branches for you to grow your specialities and uniqueness out of, to self-actualize.

Self-actualization is a term used in various psychology theories, often in different ways. The term was originally introduced by Kurt Goldstein (1879-1965), in his seminal Organismic Theory, which purports that mans number one drive in this world is to realize ones full potential. This potential could lie in the pursuit of creativity, spiritual enlightenment, knowledge, or changing the world. These specific pursuits will be different for each individual.
In my case I have a keen interest in Science/Research that benefits communities. I love building on knowledge, I a™m devoted to keep learning. And I do all these things while my eyes gaze into the eyes of the lover of my soul.

I hope and pray that you will be encouraged to embrace your own journey, to self-actualize with greater tenacity and vigour.
In closing, don'™t let any man or woman be your standard but rather hold fast to the love of God; for he sees you as perfect, unblemished, his child. Living with this knowledge releases us from the snare of comparison and striving in the flesh.
It was through a pace of, Yard by yard it is hard, but inch by inch its a cinch, that this book was written.
With Pride¦.Glory be to God!!!!!!!!! 


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